Blue Light Sessions

Film it. Record it. Live it.

Blue Light Sessions provides an intimate and unique experience for both artist and music lover alike. The showcase takes place at Blue Light Studio in East Vancouver in the main recording room. With the entire night being filmed and recorded in front of an audience of 50-60 guests, this intimate live show offers an ultimate up-close and personal VIP experience for fans, and a rare opportunity for artists to build a wealth of content while connecting with their fans.

The events are held at Blue Light Studio in East Vancouver and presented by JumpAttack! Records.


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Blue Light Sessions 2017
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Published at 2018, January 19
JP Maurice, CTV's "The Launch" contestant, 2nd Place Winner of The Peak Performance Project and Blue
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Blue Light Events

  • Tiny Havoc – Be Your Lady

  • Barefoot Mountain – Rob a Bank

  • Jack Mercer and the Whiskey Bandits – Ain’t Dead Yet

Not only is Blue Light Studio a great recording studio, it is also a great venue for live music. If you would like to book Blue Light Studio as a venue contact us below.


One of the regular events we host is a monthly event called Blue Light Sessions where we feature a different band each month. The whole night is filmed and recorded live and tickets are limited. Click here for event details


Are you an artist or band who wants to perform at Blue Light Sessions? Maybe an excited fan who wants to know more?